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The new South Australian tree laws, now referred to as the Development (Regulated Trees) Amendment Act 2009 mean that many large trees are no longer protected and do not require Arborist Reports, or Council Approval for pruning and removal.

Regulated Tree Services can help you understand the new laws and determine if your tree is protected.

Then, by drawing on our extensive range of services, we can quickly provide you with professional compliant advice and solutions.

Regulated Tree Services for advice and services in accordance with the

Development (Regulated Trees) Amendment Act 2009

Tree Assessment & Species Identification
Council Reports & Development Applications
Replanting & Species Selection

SA Tree and Stump Removal for all your tree care needs

Tree Removal • Pruning & Maintenance • Stump Removal
Tree Salvaging • Mobile Milling • Land Clearing

We Wood for all your timber trade & retail needs
Custom made recycled timber furniture & art

Unique range of Australian & Exotic timbers
DIY or fully machined
Hard to find large slabs, rounds, posts & pylons
ustom made timber furniture & installations
Domestic & Commercial applications

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