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SA Tree and Stump Removal is your large & difficult tree maintenance and removal specialist.

Size does not matter! We have the resources and experience to get the job done quickly, safely and at a competitive price.

If a tree must be removed, it should not be wasted. We recycle as much timber as possible which means less Co2 emissions from large chippers, less going to the dump and saves you money!

Provided there is adequate crane access, any large good quality trunks & timber can be salvaged. This saves hundreds of dollars in labour and expensive dump fees.  

Salvaged trunks and timber can be milled into slabs, posts or beams for use in many domestic and commercial applications. At the very least, rather than being wasted, suitable timber can be cut up for fire wood.

And our mobile milling services means that salvaging at sites without crane access may still be possible.

Experienced, professional and fully insured.

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