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The new South Australian tree laws, now referred to as the Development (Regulated Trees) Amendment Act 2009 mean that many large trees are no longer protected and do not require Arborist Reports or Council Approval for pruning and removal.

Regulated Tree Services can help you understand the new laws and advise how these can be of benefit to your landscape, safety or proposed development. We can quickly assess any tree (in accordance with current legislation) to determine if it’s protected and help you use the new laws to your advantage.

Then, by drawing on our extensive range of services, we can quickly provide you with professional compliant solutions.

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Onsite assessments are usually necessary for professional services other than advice. A small call out fee is charged for onsite assessment however this usually becomes part of your total cost when booking any of our services for that site. Discounts apply when a number of services are required so remember to ask for quotes on Tree Maintenance, Removal or other Services when booking your assessment!

For certain trees, council will still request an Arborist Report to substantiate your Development Application for major pruning or removal. An onsite assessment will determine if your application would be considered by council and provided proposed works can be substantiated, a comprehensive Arborist report can be produced.

A condition of your Council Approval will be to either contribute to a replanting fund, or to plant and successfully maintain one or more large trees on your property. Planting appropriate species in the correct location will not only provide the best amenity and character to your landscape but will prevent long term issues associated with the incorrect planting of large trees in domestic gardens.

Drawing on vast horticultural and landscaping experience, as well as comprehensive knowledge of species and their growth patterns, means we can assist you with the best possible selection, placement & maintenance of your trees and plants that will benefit you and the environment now and in the future.